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Charteroak – Exceptional, Aspirational, Luxurious

We first invested in Charteroak ten years ago and, now under the RO’s direct control, it has grown to become one of the best known holiday lodge development businesses, with two current sites in Cornwall.

Charteroak has differentiated itself from the larger scale developers and park operators by concentrating on what management refer to as ‘The Charteroak Experience’, focusing on the quality of the locations themselves, the generous plot sizes and the exceptional environments in which the lodges are located, offering a clear, more affordable alternative to a conventional holiday property purchase.

Promoting ‘The Charteroak Experience’ through a customer-focused message, in terms of the lifestyle benefits our sites have to offer as well as the strong investment returns available, has certainly paid dividends. In a survey of all those customers who had completed a site visit, whether they ultimately purchased a lodge or not, 100% of responses said they would recommend Charteroak to friends and family.

With planning consent in place and an excellent operational team, there is a great deal of opportunity to build on the brand values we have established and for the business to prosper going forward.

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Stonerush Lakes, Cornwall
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We have a real enthusiasm for exploring new opportunities and a history of working in partnership with others to create successful outcomes. Please do get in touch should you have ideas where we can work together in the future.